About us

IR-GO Ltd. is a family company that is on the market of paper and paper products for over 29 years. Brother and sister decided to go into a business together, and kids joined later – as it usually goes. We are small but united – that is why we are fast and flexible.

After all these years of experience, we are specialized in processing and production of paper products so much that we can feel by touch what kind of paper and thickness it is.

We dare to say we are one of the best in rewinding reels and cutting from reel to reel, reel to sheet and sheet to sheet. There is not much we haven’t seen so far – from wet reels to damaged cores. We can proudly say that we have a high percentage of salvation with that kind of reels.

Beside processing service, we also offer a wide assortment of paper products: packaging paper in reel or sheet (Kraft paper brown and white, thin white paper, greaseproof paper, butcher paper with foil, SC/LWC, newsprint, masking paper…) and paper bags with or without handles (for bakeries). Additionally, in our offer we still have plastic bags for stores. In short, we offer a good part of packaging assortment for stores, souvenir shops and butchers.

There are 2 new products: greaseproof paper and a special masking paper for car industry (or any type of painting and spraying).

If you are looking for a reliable partner that will always greet you with a smile and is glad to help you find the best product that will suit your needs, feel free to contact us – because we have the right size for paper!