With 3 machines for rewinding and cutting from reel to reel, we provide fast and quality service for all kinds of paper from 25-200 gsm and for fabric used for wet tissues and toilette paper. We can rewind your jumbo reel to smaller reels and/or cut to reels of smaller widths.

Additionally, we have vast experience in saving damaged reels, specifically damaged core. If you have such reels, feel free to send us specifications and pictures of the damage so we can make an assessment.

Specification for rewinding from reel to reel:

Width of reel:                                      max 212 cm
Diameter of original reel:                 max 130 cm
Diameter of output reel:                  max 125 cm

Weight of jumbo reel:                       max 2.200 kg
Weight of output reel:                      according to your needs
Cores:                                                7/7,6/15 cm
Reel trimming (if necessary):          od 0,7 cm

Information needed to make an offer:

Type of paper or fabric:
Thickness in gsm:
Width of reel:
Diameter of reel:
Core diameter:
Weight of reel:
Total quantity:
Your needs for rewinding and/or cutting: